robert borges
Lead Researchers Say:

"Self value has been proven to be indicated in text, image and movement, intersecting with space and time to create interludes of a positive and negative charge, discovered to have direct emanations from subject A as momentary lapses in commentary, provoking the subject's isolation as we search to eliminate a possible annihilation. Subsequent pages suggest that Subject A flourishes in the primary state of curiosity even when his breath is seen as slowing, holding momentarily to enhance cerebral activity.

Subjects such as those in the control group have provided motivation toward learning new habits, improving overall enjoyment in achieving the passing of thread through an eyelet. As such, Subject A has engaged positively with researchers to maintain a modicum of self worth, even when providing glimpses of smooches, handshakes and hugs. We conclude that through every possible creative means, Subject A has shown vast improvement in the ability to speak and perform with an eloquent banality...--...--...^*#"

-Control Group B...]]?