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Dr. Nulla discovered in his decades old research that broken median playful morose recovery reveals a stereotypical negative trait in mammals. Purporting evolutionary combinations in DNA like sequence indicates that Jolly Time Stove Top Popcorn typically alleviates feelings of doubt thereby subjects overcome any prior parental harm or damage. Researchers at the SRL Institute withheld the reward and discovered that any want of affection became menial at best. Subject 9.o1,4 became hysterical at the sight of a Wonder Woman Pez Dispensing instrument only after replacing the actual Pez with her dose of psychotropic medication. After several days, the subject became likeable and playful with her counterparts but only subsequent to the breakage of the dispenser. Today, she has made great progress in declaring her likeness to more animate objects. Her positive self-reward often comes in smiles, grimaces, clothes pin reindeer, and affectionate teases and glares.

Subject 9.01,4 recently discovered that her anatomical changes typically only change species at key points: prepubescence, adolescence, and old age: a category B muscle group is initially weak, becomes stronger and then weakens again as a potent toxic agent becomes diluted.

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