Color Field Sea
When speaking freely about our difficulties, we can be private, to talk with those of whom we are the closest and we may lose them if we are unable to see our way through. We hope that our private, social, or historical traumas will somehow make us wiser, that we will become able to say to our children that they can still be hopeful; that being hopeful is what makes our traumas dissipate and fall away. Brute Bound Press publishes books to expand the dialogue between social traumas made private, when our private solemn moments become social through conversation and in the privacy of reading and viewing. Here, we become welcome to our own. To be brute bound is to be somehow bound to hardship as well as being the impetus to overcome it, to lift and hold our breaths for more, to be cognizant of each two world theory that wants desperately to bring wholeness to our being and our communities, where we attempt to do and be more for each other through printed words, books, and songs; where conversation and action comes to inspire and acknowledge voices; where the streetlights glow dimly on the hardship of the streets below. If they have not already been broken, they too guide us through the darkness of our private and social traumas. As we walk on this cold ground, we search the skylines for inspiration. And we may see a harvest moon in our rural fields as others see it in the cities. We may wonder what is left to harvest, if eventually finding it, we do, and make better for each other what we create to inspire; to make our vision whole and more possible, to have voice and be heard, [to be not broken].