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There was a significant pull over eastward that curled around and became vertical. It came back westward and then pulled north. Or south, I can't remember. Cross reference pattern sequence of didactic language in line with strong enmities of fragrant unshowered pulp reacts similarly to an ink when applied to a sheet of white stock whether bleached and battered or a simple paper bag. Ms. Kutz has expressed so graciously: "Covering two decades of anemic mostly nude bodies, "pry" tries to resolve the question, are we entranced with form or its mere nakedness? Are we immersed in the high duty to create a marvel of the nude or are we merely playing with the roll of the ink across an empty sheet? Are we needing these bodies to indulge in the beauty of the feast or do we like them to be so gaunt? These drawings fail to answer any of these profound questions that never cross our minds."

This open series has over 300 drawings to date.