Color Field Sea
Beyond Freedom
The first book of 2016 published by Brute Bound Press, this anthology tells of the impact of war on soldiers' children. Photographs by Earl Gerald Borges, GMG2, poets Carol Millenson, Jasminne Mendez, and Robert Borges. Hardbound book.

The soldier's child is impacted by the parent's remembrance of war. When discussing combat and the prevalence of PTSD, the contemporary experts often leave out the difficulties that lay bare at home, as children grow at times disconnected, emotionally damaged, and overtly hyper-aware of a looming end to a story that simply does not end. Combat affects more than the soldier. In an attempt to foster normalcy, children engage cautiously, at times more aware than others that certain discussions can spiral downward, perseverating on single moments, conversations from years prior that become again present for the family. We are able to share with our parents, their pain born into us that at times appears to inspire us to be strong while knowing that there is a looming anxiety beneath the plane of normalcy, a stoicism that presents itself emotionally: asking us to be stronger than the pain of so much mayhem lived elsewhere, at another time than the current, where we worry, that is to say we are anxious, about the stability of our own plane, our place here as children, however grown. The impact of war is incessantly persistent, causing us to better understand where we think we, as soldiers' children think that we fit. Please contact Brute Bound Press to order the anthology, "Beyond Freedom".